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Posted: 06 October 2018

Addo Rose Fayre 2018

Addo Rose Fayre

13th October / Valentine Hall, Addo

After replacing decades of the infamous Rose Day and subsequent Rose Tea and a blooming success it has all been! The annual Addo Rose Fayre is a relaxed day in the country event with all things local.

An hour's drive from Port Elizabeth, nestled in the Sundays River Valley. All roses and decor in the famous Rose Cafe are from the gardens of the WI ladies and the delicious eats and treats from our own kitchens!

There will be a rose specimen wall and an art work backdrop by a local artist, Mary Robinson. Visit the Kiddies Corner where the children have decorated their own section with roses and foliage - a firm favourite! Sit, relax and enjoy live music by Belle and the Beard with many wonderful stalls including Floradale Nursery focusing on roses, Bridge Street Brewery (craft beer, craft gin and their own brandy and coke!), Habata Wines, Stones Etc. (demonstrating Himalayan salt boards and doing a Scratch Patch), Hermitage House's Farmers Market and Kids Zone, arts and crafts, leather handbags, children's toys, jewellery, stationery, SOGA organic juices, delicious eats and treats, a charitable Win 'n Spin and even tractors and equipment by Nels and Lezmin!

Our local Addo Township Designs sewing group and George's Nursery are two local stalls who are back for their second year by popular demand!

The Rose Cafe will be fragrantly welcoming you with local coffee, our own local pianist Freddie and singing by Kobus and Gerhard around lunch time.

Support local, support charity, bring the whole family and have fun!

Free parking, R50 entrance, children under 13 free.

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Contact us on FACEBOOK @ WomensInstituteAddo/ arrow back to top grey



Posted: 27 September 2018

a night at the opera savoy theatre port elizabeth

A Night at the Opera

5 - 6th October / Savoy Theatre

A Night at the Opera returns to the Savoy with an exciting new line up  “fabulous, a delight from beginning to end! Top class singing, beautiful costumes, and a very slick and polished show altogether!” Audience member Joy Timberlake. In 2015 G&S introduced the acclaimed concert series, A Night at the Opera, which left audiences in awe of the classical talent that we have right here in Port Elizabeth.

Due to popular demand, A Night atthe Opera is now a regular event on the G&S program and returns for 2018 with an exciting new programme and cast.  

Liske Hemingway once again leads the cast as well as performing Director duties. She is a shining star on the local music scene and proudly represented her home town as a finalist in both the Mimi Coertse and UNISA Scholarship Competitions.

Joining Liske will be our G&S Classical stars, the award winningKhuselo Gqiba and Angela Freer, as well as Akhona Nkumanda and AmandaEngelbrecht who recently brought us Westering High School’s “WestSide Story”.

The cast also includes Lucretia Sikwebu, Luke Erasmus, Sibongile Ponasi, Lollie Mafeke, Charlandi Hattingh and Kululekani Tose. This is a stellar line up of PE’s up and coming classical singers and not to be missed. 

The musical selection covers many popular arias and contemporary classical pieces and you’ll be amazed at just how many of thesegreat songs you can hum along to! Featured operas include “La Traviata”, “Rigoletto”, “La Boheme”, “Die Fledermaus”and “Candide”, with much-loved pieces such as “The Hebrew Slaves Chorus”, “Mi chiamano Mimi”, “Make our garden grow” and“Mon Coeur”. Musical theatre is represented by songs from “The Phantom of the Opera”, “A Little Night Music” and “Fiddler onthe Roof”.  

A Night at the Opera runs for 3 shows only on the 5th and 6th October at 7.30pm, and at 2.00pm on Saturday 6th at the Savoy Theatre.

Tickets for the evening performances are just R100 or R720 for a table or group of 8 and we have a special family discount on all tickets forthe Saturday matinee at just R80 p.p.

Bookings at Computicket or call Rose on 072 906 1977, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to secure yourseats.

To offer a wider choice, patrons can choose either cabaretstyle seating at tables or row seating for each performance. The Savoy Theatre has a full service cash bar and coffee bar. 

Please call Rose on 072 906 1977 or email arrow back to top greyThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with all enquiries and to find out more about group and corporate bookings.


Posted: 16 January 2018


26 - 28 January 2018 The Boardwalk ICC, Port Elizabeth

Nearly forty years after he began one of music’s most remarkable careers, Johnny Clegg is embarking on his Final World Tour, titled The Final Journey. The tour which has already seen sold out concerts in South Africa, London, USA & Canada, is built around Clegg`s unparalleled repertoire of songs which began with the release of Juluka`s Universal Men in 1979 and continued through the Savuka years and his more recent solo work.

Clegg`s many different hits and live favourites will be brought to life by the biggest production ever created for a Clegg live show, supported by his world-class live band. Another highlight of the shows will be the different styles of dance that have been integral to Clegg`s life and work, ever since he learnt the fundamentals of Zulu music and traditional Zulu Inhlangwinini dancing with Charlie Mzila while still a teenager.

Johnny Clegg was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and underwent chemotherapy treatment. Throughout the treatment, he continued to tour locally and internationally undertaking a nine-week tour of USA and Canada in 2016.

Johnny is currently finishing a new album and his autobiography. As he is in remission, Johnny has decided to use this opportunity to perform a final set of concerts in SA and overseas to thank his fans for their support over the 35-year long journey that spans his career

While this will be his final public performances, his manager and promoter Roddy Quinn said Clegg would continue to work on his autobiography, record music for his new album and arrow back to top greytake part in some private engagements.



Posted: 07 July 2017

national arts festival grahamstown 20171BIG TROUBLE LOOMING FOR 2018 NATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL ?

The biggest problem facing the NAF now is that the NAF and/or its CEO, Tony Lankester, don't want to return the Village Green to Fiddler's Green and the 'hub' ie: centre of town, where the atmosphere is, the vibe, and a non-clinical setting (as opposed to yet another educational institution's field's vast, cold setting - "nor is this is a school fete" one person stated to us).

As our new (2017) video will show, people are extremely unhappy about any move of the Village Green to the VG grounds, which has nothing 'villagey' about it. And many people & groups off-camera, told us they are writing to sponsors, planning marches & protests, going to the media, asking for a boycott of the fest, and so on. This is very sad as it can deter sponsorships, and would be the worst publicity the NAF has ever had, where this year both the papers that cover the NAF in the Eastern Cape viz: Herald and Die Burger, already gave scathing reviews about the lack of vibe & buzz.

It is not felt that the proper or 'organic' vibe can be re-created at the VG grounds, which, to make matters worse, is totally disconnected from the 'hub' - and where artificially created links to town will not ever re-create the organic vibe that arose in the 'hub', part of which is still there - let alone the massive parking problem & traffic jams given VG's main road is the main thoroughfare through Grahamstown.

Moreover when the hub was there, the fest was at its best, with record attendances & sales for traders & performers alike. The colourful people will also not come back unless the hub is re-created, and that's that we were told. And the rumour that international street performers are being brought in, if true, means South African street performers will suffer.

All round pandamomium seems to be looming for the 2018 fest, which people have said will be the final straw to break the camel's back if the VG grounds are used. Even the Cape Town Fringe has come under heavy fire, where it has not been that successful and should be In Johannesburg where the largest performing & audience population is. However, having said that, it is said any fringe, in any city, could be preventing people from attending the NAF.

Festino's, the local community, performers, traders, you name it, are extremely upset that the NAF is not listening to them, where they are the life-blood of the fest, which is not there to help fund schools, but invest sponsor's & public monies into what the people want ie: Fiddler's Green (solely for the true Arts & Crafts); the buzzy Alley and vibey side streets for other types of stalls; plus the Town Hall (maybe for all the sponsored stalls which people are complaining about), un-used bowling green & other areas for those that cannot pack up every day.

People want the entire 'hub' back and have stated that not to return to it is a class (perhaps racist) issue too, let alone a fatal mistake all round regardless - where the NAF can't afford another major mistake (the first major mistake was moving the Village Green to Rhodes University). Lankester says shows are well-attended, so why then would the stall holders not be? Something is very wrong.

In this & other regard, we've also asked Tony Lankester how many times for the attendance figures since 1995, where it will be interesting to examine this against the past decade or so, which was also during Lankester's tenure as CEO. We still have not received the figures. But why is their little growth in recent years? In this regard, people have said the committee should change every 2 years or so. Others have asked if Lankester will quietly step down as CEO if it is found that he is to blame (whether in part or in full) for attendance drop-off.

Two NAF commitee members spoke to us off-camera, where one is resigning and the other is thinking of doing so. Problem is, both are key players. So even key players on the NAF committee itself are unhappy. And here, we were told that the NAF's idea to move the Village Green to VG is impractical, ridiculous and would invite a storm of trouble - where there would still be no vibe. It would make no difference to being at Rhodes. It seems the NAF's PR person, Sascha Polkey is in for a tough time, let alone the entire fest.

For the sake of the people (many of whom approached us this year instead of vice versa, where we didn’t even intend making a second video), our new (2017) video (with countless people interviewed across a broad spectrum) will be sent to sponsors, the media, SA & local tourism & government etc., where the peoples’ message is clear: the VG grounds could mean the very-, and rather bitter-, end to the NAF. A “giant flea market” or "school fete" is out of the question, and where people don’t want yet another clinical setting (like Rhodes), they want the different smaller settings of the old days. The people want the 'hub' back due to its vibe and the flow of people, so that all markets are supported. The genuine Arts & Crafts would be at Fiddler's.arrow back to top grey


krav maga port elizabethKRAV MAGA

Disable Disarm Deliver


As one of South Africa's smaller towns, Port Elizabeth has always enjoyed a laid-back, easy-going status. In recent years, however, the crime level has risen to such an extent that it is beginning to affect us all in a personal and direct manner. Self-defence has become one of the most essential skills in South Africa today. The most efficient form of self-defence is Krav Maga, developed in the 1930's by Imi Liechtenfeld when anti-Semitic riots began to threaten the Jewish population of Bratislava, Slovakia. Imi based Krav Maga on "natural movements and reactions for defense, combined with an immediate and decisive counterattack". In later years, Imi's first pupil, Eyal Yanilov, founded Krav Maga Global and continued the original vision of Krav Maga as a means of everyday self-defence.

Krav Maga Global has recently become affiliated with long-time Krav instructor, Jacques van Eck. Jacques runs a bi-weekly self-defence group class in King's Court Shopping Centre, Port Elizabeth. As an ex-policeman, Jacques brings a unique perspective to self-defense in South Africa. His first hand experience with crime on street level, allows him to impart local knowledge in conjunction with his International training. Jacques' experience with the SAPS allows him to tailor techniques to suit South African criminals' modus operandi.

With the sudden increase in attacks in public areas such as shopping centre parking lots and ATM locations, Jacques felt it prudent to offer a series of three free seminars over the course of three Saturdays. Part 1 is aimed at providing participants with a basic knowledge of self-defence, including situational awareness when approaching your vehicle, safely getting in and out of your vehicle in a parking lot or garage as well as physical techniques to defend against an attack. Part 2 covers all aspects of de-escalating an attack and breaking free from choke holds. Specifically for ladies, this seminar will also cover escape techniques from being grabbed by the hair. The final seminar aims to teach participants to use common objects in defence and attack. For example, using a bag as a shield or a water bottle as a weapon. All three parts are free of charge and open to members of the public above the age of 15. A high fitness level is not essential as Krav Maga is designed for people of all fitness levels, shapes and sizes!arrow back to top grey


October 31st


Modern Halloween, one of the world’s oldest holidays, comes from the Irish festival Samhain, an occasion that marked the passage from the summer harvest season to the dark of winter. Tradition dictated huge bonfires be built in fields, and it was believed that fairy spirits lurked in the shadows. To distract these spirits from settling into houses and farms, people would carve rudimentary faces into large turnips, and set candles inside. The turnip lanterns would rest along roadways and next to gates, to both light the way for travellers and caution any passing fairies against invading.

Modern Halloween, one of the world’s oldest holidays, comes from the Irish festival Samhain, an occasion that marked the passage from the summer harvest season to the dark of winter. Tradition dictated huge bonfires be built in fields, and it was believed that fairy spirits lurked in the shadows. To distract these spirits from settling into houses and farms, people would carve rudimentary faces into large turnips, and set candles inside. The turnip lanterns would rest along roadways and next to gates, to both light the way for travellers and caution any passing fairies against arrow back to top greyinvading.

four wind music club port elizabethFOUR WINDS MUSIC

The Folk Club Port Elizabeth - Established 1969


The mention of `Folk' problably in most people’s minds conjures up the 60's with the likes of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Donovan and a host of others and a smattering of `hillbilly' type music in the form of Bluegrass, banjo's,mandolin's, violins and guitars all promising to out do each other. On the other side of the Atlantic and due to the various imports to our country the English, Scottish and Irish traditional Folk was prevalent. (Steeleye Span, and the Dubliners to name but a few.) The most played songs were Blowin' in the Wind and Streets of London.*** Against this backdrop, in 1969, a bunch of stalwarts in Port Elizabeth decided to form a Folk Club, to try and emulate some of the music `happening' and eventually identify itself as a local music `scene' and inspire some evolution of home grown `Folk' music.

The club formed in earnest in 1969, a constitution was drawn up in 1971 and the music scene began to flourish in P.E. Such names as David Kramer, Edi Nederlander, Neil Harvey, (who formed Blacksmith) Syd Kitchen, Richard Haslop, were participants in the Folk Club in those early days. During this period many unknown muso’s including Johnny Clegg, made an appearance and moved on to stardom.

From this, other clubs formed like the Barleycorn in Cape Town, the Buskers in Johannesburg, the String and Whistle in East London, and the Durban Folk Club. ***  In later years, the club had moved from several venues, from the house in Kragga Kama, (bales of straw), to the Walmer Gardens (1980), St Andrews Club (main street P.E.) 1982 to 1987, It's Country (Evatt Street), the Alsation Club in target Kloof to a coffee bar in Westbourne Road and a restaurant in the Greenacres circle. It then moved to the Maritime Club in Central, (1995) Toni’s untill 2013, Larny Sarmie (2015), and now this October back to Music Kitchen (formally Toni’s)

Our platform has always been to inspire young upcoming artists in a loose genre of Acoustic music and especially to promote original homegrown music. We strive to offer a venue which allows the musicians to be heard and appreciated, particularly the novices. Artists such as Dave Goldblum and Anton Calitz came to the fore (mentioning just a couple of names) through the Folk Club.

Going forward we hope to be able to embrace the music from all our different cultural backgrounds who have their own `folk’ music, irrespective if it is in English, Xhosa or Afrikaans.

By: Alasdair Gillies  (September 2016)arrow back to top grey


winter in hogsbackWINTER IN HOGSBACK


Named after the three distant ridges of the Amathole range of mountains that resemble the back-outlines of running wild pigs, the little town of Hogsback has become an arts and crafts colony, a photographer’s preferred location, a nature lover’s haunt and a honeymoon couple’s top choice of romantic hideaway in the Eastern Cape.

Distinctly different! Lovely characterful, self-catering cottages, all with log fire-places, those on the edge of the cliff have some of the most spectacular views in SA. And when the mountain mists clear, you're left with an astounding view of waterfalls, valleys and one of South Africa's most prized forest strongholds. This makes Hogsback the ideal setting forThe annual Hogsback Xmas Christmas in July festival, their sparkling Winterfest, which celebrates Winter and is one of the highlights of the calendar each year in the small mountain village and every year grows more popular.

The main road of Hogsback will be abuzz with craft tents showcasing the talented local artisans, with exciting live demonstrations. Enjoy the cozy cafes and comfort food, while you are kept entertained with a wide variety of musicians, bands, dancers and buskers.

The kids are covered too, with a creche and activities at Hobbiton adventure centre. So join us for Christmas in July 2016, a feast of entertainment, craft and activities. arrow back to top grey


unique laughterLAUGHING

Unique Laughter Club


Laughter Yoga is Unique; it can be used to exercise or for social connection  with-out jokes, comedy, or humour. It can be used anywhere, anytime and it is therapeutic, fun, free, and legal. A group of friends can fake laughter (Ha, Ha, Ho, Ho,) and by using group dynamics with eye contact, movement and youthful playfulness, real, spontaneous and contagious laughter develops.

The body responds to laughter by pumping the feel good hormones, and serotonin into the bloodstream. Deep breathing is emphasised and the body is loaded with oxygen.  Stress, anxiety, and depression disappear. A good laughter session leaves everyone very relaxed and highly energetic and the effects last for days. Laughter is DIY stress management.

Laughter boosts your self- confidence, defuses conflict, enhances team work and innovative thinking, and strengthens relationships. A regular session evolves a positive attitude that helps enjoy our stressful world. The more you laugh the easier laughter becomes.  It is an aerobic exercise; you burn calorie, lose weight and look and feel younger.

By discovering your inner spirit of laughter you maintain a positive attitude that will keep you in touch with the inner real you. You will develop an attitude of forgiveness, generosity, compassion, helpfulness, and the will to actively seek happiness for others. Laughter is the universal language everyone understands, and can be used to bridge all cultural and social differences. It has worked miracles in other countries, why not ours?


CONTACT: Donald -  041 367 1107 or 084 200 0965

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Everybody is welcome 



The stress of abuse, violence, or the unexpected death  of a loved one can cause all sorts of health problems. People suffering after these events may stop working effectively in school or at their jobs. They may lashout at friends, family, and coworkers. They may experience significant illnesses as stress depresses their immune systems.

Why does psychological trauma have these long-lasting  effects? One reason for the stress of psychological trauma is that our representations of these traumatic events are fragmented. Psychologically traumatic events are ones that have no good explanation. The sudden death of a loved one may seem senseless. Abuse you suffer is a betrayal of a sacred trust. You have painful facts with no story to bind them together.

Because these memories and events are painful, our natural tendency is to avoid thinking about them. We suppress thoughts about these negative events and hope they will go away. But, they don't.The mind is most settled when there is coherence to our thoughts. We seek to resolve conflicting thoughts by remembering them and processing them. So, a dangerous cycle  can develop with traumatic events. Because they are   fragmented, there are constant reminders of them. But, because they are painful, we do not process them deeply. And so, we suffer the stress of remembering a painful situation without resolving the incoherence.

Research by Jamie Pennebaker and his colleagues suggests that one of the best therapies for this kind of psychological trauma is also one of the simplest:writing. He describes this procedure in a 1997 paper in Psychological Science. People were asked to spend three days or more writing about one or more traumatic events. They are encouraged to really explore the thoughts and emotions surrounding the event, and to tie it to relationships with significant others.

As you might expect, writing about these emotional events was very difficult for people. They did not enjoy the experience, and they found it painful. However, the long-term effects of this writing were fascinating. If you followed the people in these studies over time, they reported fewer illnesses, they went to the doctor less often, and they suffered fewer symptoms of depression in the future. They were less likely to miss work and school, and their performance at work went up. These effects lasted for months and years after writing. arrow back to top grey

stop rhino poachingSTOP RHINO POACHING... NOW!


2011 has come and gone, leaving in its wake 448 known rhino carcasses despite the best efforts of so many. There are multiple threats to rhinos survival, nearly all of which are caused by humans.

Over the past few decades, drastic decline in population numbers has been fuelled by the illegal rhino horn trade, habitat loss and political conflict. Poaching of rhino horn for the production of traditional Chinese medicine is the greatest threat facing rhino today.  The recent upsurge in rhino poaching had been linked to increased demand for rhino horn in Asia  – particularly Vietnam, where it carried prestige as a luxury item, as a post-partying cleanser, and also as a purported cancer cure. One day, when the syndicates are exposed, I wonder if we'll ever know the depths to which these greedy and sick individuals have sunk at the expense of these magnificent creatures. According to acclaimed rhino scientists, if poaching continues at its current rate South Africa's rhino herd will go into population decline by mid-2012. The sad fact is that our government does not see rhino conservation as a high priority, so it is up to a few informed and passionate individuals and or corporations to take on the mantle for future generations.

“Trevor and his business partners, Donovan and Shinel of Skydive Port Elizabeth  are doing their bit by donating R20 from every Tandem skydive they do to Skydive For Rhino and are 100% committed in helping this initiative.

Their sole aim is to promote awareness by any means possible to gain funds for the groups mentioned and are open for requests from any other group or organization that could use his help......he will be concentrating on the EC in the future as he feels that we will be the next target and want all persons involved to be prepared. arrow back to top grey





Addo Rose Fayre

Night at the Opera

Johnny Clegg - Final Journey

Grahamstown Festival 2017

Krav Maga


Four Winds Music

Winter in Hogsback

Unique Laughter Club

Psychological Trauma

Stop Rhino Poaching

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